Bib Necklace and Three row bracelet of<br>marquise/leaf forms in sterling silver and 18<br>gold and gold bimetal.<br>
Bib Necklace and Three row bracelet of
marquise/leaf forms in sterling silver and 18
gold and gold bimetal.

I create contemporary jewelry in precious metals,
gemstones and pearls. My designs are rich in detail, known for incorporating textures achieved
through a process of drawing, etching, and roller printing. First, I create brass plates to work with, and using a rolling mill, transfer the design to metal,creating a raised printed surface. I also texture metal with various papers, creating a palette of texture and polished surfaces to play with. After the designs
are rolled into gold or silver, each piece is fabricated by hand using sheet and wire. If a design calls for lost wax casting, the original is first made in metal, and then a mold is made.
While elegant, my pieces are highly expressive and personal. Made to be worn and enjoyed often,
these pieces of wearable art are designed to be
versatile, timeless and cherished.
Special custom pieces can be designed to mark milestones or set a special stone inherited from a relative or obtained on a journey-become part of the creative process and set up a consultation.
Idelle Hammond-Sass